Associate – Managing Broker

Realty Brokerage Solutions, LLC is seeking a Licensed VA, MD & DC Associate Broker(s) with a minimum 5 years of experience in Residential Sales; to step into the role of Managing Broker. Prior Experience as a Managing Broker will be considered but is not required for application. Active and Current sales experience in the VA, MD & DC residential market is required for consideration. This individual will be primarily responsible for assisting the Designated Broker with Agent Support, Agent Training, File Review, and Office Operations. In addition to duties as a Managing Broker; there will be future opportunities for further advancement within the organization.

Specific Task List

  • Internal Agent Training – Both One on One and Group Settings
  • Teaching & Mentoring Realtors – Both One on One and Group Settings
  • Prepare Class Materials – Assist with new program development
  • Review Transaction Files for Accuracy
  • Participate in, and contribute to, Brokerage Expansion
  • Provide for a Physical, Consistent, Leadership presence in office
  • Enforce Company Standards and Guidelines
  • Conflict resolution and conflict management
  • On Board new Agents & Staff Members
  • Lead Discussion Panels, Leadership Boards, and Master Mind Groups

Qualifications & Attributes
An individual seeking this position should be prepared to display high levels of Integrity, Motivation, Drive, Class, Dignity, and Kindness. While there are some specific skills that will increase the ease of training; those are secondary to the Personality Attributes sought out by Amherst Madison. The Managing Broker should display strong leadership-by-example characteristics as well as the heart of an educator. In addition, high importance will be placed on a thorough understanding of the Distinctive characteristics of Amherst Madison, as a company; as well as an enthusiastic support of both company policy and company belief structure.

  • Task and Progress oriented – Execution of Tasks
  • Educator with strong speaking skills and the ability to simplify complex topics for student understanding
  • Demonstration of a belief and emphasis on Quality over Quantity
  • Thorough understanding of VA, MD & DC Real Estate Law and Application of said Law
  • Technically proficient in cloud-based brokerage solutions as well as 100% paperless operations
  • Strong proficiency in both Spoken and Written communication
  • Driven to succeed and to grow; both personally and professionally
  • Patient with others

Interested Applicants should email a one-page Resume, along with a 200 word essay detailing why they feel they are the right individual for the position. A phone interview will follow eligible application; with a live interview after the phone call.

Compensation will be based on the number of closed transaction files completed by the Brokerage, each month. This is not a salaried position.