Why Us!

Bad Credit Assistance

Our company was founded to help homebuyers navigate the home buying process and minimum requirements needed to qualify for a mortgage. We realized that the majority of mortgage companies and real estate agents do not work with unqualified buyers. Our goal is to help homebuyers improve their financial situation, qualify for a mortgage and find an affordable home they love.

We offers homebuyers an unbiased expert that reviews your credit score, finances and budget in order to develop a strategy to qualify for affordable home financing. We specialize in working with clients whose credit history and finances make it difficult for them to qualify for a mortgage and start working with a real estate agent in order to find a home. We provide a single resource to help you get a mortgage and connect you to a real estate agent to begin searching for a home.

Our services begin with a 30-Minute call where you’ll get a clear understanding of your credit and finances. During your call, we review your credit history and credit score within the Smart Credit online tool. After this call, you’ll have goals and actions that you can take to put yourself in a position to buy a home.

We provide you with ongoing email support and coaching calls from our team that helps you focus on improving your credit score, developing a budget and addressing your finances in order to qualify for a mortgage with a monthly payment you can afford. You’ll receive personal assistance with your mortgage application, pre-approval and real estate search. We pride ourselves on helping our clients realize the joy of home ownership by providing a clear and easy to understand process and personal service aimed at simplifying the entire home buying process.