Buyers Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to see only my realtor’s listings?
On the contrary, you need to see every listing available on your price range.
I liked a house that I saw in an open house, can I work with that Realtor?
Yes, as long as you understand that he is representing the seller, and if he/she agrees to represent you, he/she will be doing a dual agency.
Buyer Agency or Dual Agency?
Both are ways to represent clients, buyer agency the realtor is only representing you and catering to your needs. Dual agency, the Agent is representing you and the seller.
Should I be represented by a buyer’s agent?
Yes, always.  Some buyers want the help of an agent whom they can confide.  A buyer’s agent can discuss relative advantages and disadvantages of a particular home, advice on how much to offer, evaluate improvements, and actively participate in negotiating favorable price and terms for the buyer.  A buyer’s agent will give you all the assistance you need to find a home and close the transaction smoothly and successfully.
Can a buyer’s agent show me all the homes for sale in the area?
In areas with a Multiple Listing Service, a buyer’s agent generally can show buyers all available homes, including homes not in the Multiple Listing Service and homes for sale by owner.  The listing agreement made between sellers and the seller’s agent often specifies whether buyer’s agents may show the home.  Most sellers want their home made available to the largest possible audience of potential buyers.  It is rare, but possible, that a seller may refuse to work with a buyer’s agent.