Courtesy Car

We have create programs that relieve some of the worry by providing a Employee Courtesy Vehicle that grants all agents and office employees who are having transportation difficulties access to a company vehicle.

At R.B.S we understand that it can be stressful for employees/agents when their own vehicle is getting repaired or when they are unable to get transportation to work.

Many employees have already benefited from this program and are pleased to have a back-up transportation method available to them, should they ever need one. We like knowing that if our personal car breaks down and don’t have transportation to get to work, Employees and agents can use the R.B.S Courtesy Vehicle  for a few days.

R.B.S hopes to set a high standard for other companies in the area by providing a stimulating collaborative environment where the focus is work and create; and not on stress.

How Do You Reserve the car?

Reserving the vehicle  is easy and on a first request basis.  Simply call our office and request the car for the date that you need it.

Once your request is approved, you will come to our office on the date you are using the car.  You will need to bring your drivers license and current proof of insurance with you.  We will go through our paperwork with you and then provide you with the keys.

Note: You MUST be 25 years old to drive the car.

General guidelines for using the car.

Below are listed responsibilities of courtesy car recipients:

  • It is a NO SMOKING Vehicle .
  • Operate the vehicle  responsibly.
  • Driver is responsible for insurance.
  • For your protection and ours, insurance is required.
  • You will pick up a clean vehicle with a full tank of gas.
  • The vehicle shall be clean and neat at all times.
  • Mileage allowances must not be exceeded.
  • Return the vehicle to the location you picked it up from. 
  • Be sure all lights are off, to include headlights and interior lights.
  • Lock the vehicle and return the keys to our offices.
  • Please be courteous to others using the car.  Pick up and return the vehicle promptly as scheduled.
  • Any and all parking and/or traffic violations must be paid promptly and are the responsibility of the individual.
  • Failure to adhere to these responsibilities may result in removal of courtesy car privileges or other departmental action.