FREE Home Warranty

List your home with Realty Brokerage Solutions and get a FREE HMS Home Warranty that you can pass on to your buyer! Not only will your buyers get extra peace of mind in knowing that all of their major systems are covered, but you as the home owner get the same coverage during the term of your listing at no charge to you.** Simply contact us, and a RBS Associate will contact you shortly about getting your home ready to market.

Benefits of Home Warranty

  • You receive FREE coverage during your listing period.
  • A home warranty can protect your home equity and potential cost of repairs or replacements during your listing period. Look for a warranty that covers major mechanical systems such as central heat, central air and water heaters during the listing period. These are the items that could either make or break the on-time closing of your home.
  • A warranty can help your home sell more quickly. Warranting your home will enhance its value to prospective buyers. This typically results in a 15% faster sale than similar homes without warranty coverage.
  • Homes that are marketed with a home warranty typically sell at a higher price. The home warranty can be used as a contract negotiating tool to receive the best possible price for your home. Homes with a warranty sell 2-3% closer to the asking price than homes without a warranty.
  • Homes that include warranties attract more buyers than similar homes without a warranty. More than 80% of home buyers nationally say they prefer to purchase a house with a warranty.
  • Home warranties reduce your liability after the sale. Protect yourself from the potential of post-sale property conditions that can lead to additional expenses after closing. For your protection, The Real Estate Group will provide at no additional cost to you, a comprehensive warranty that includes and covers the major mechanical of your property.


*** Note: R.B.S Realtors are independent contractors and not all of them participate in this program. Please check with your real estate agent before listing your home.