FREE Moving Truck

We’d like to offer FREE use of our moving truck to our clients as just another added service!  The truck is also available for Charitable Events and Community Outreach.  If there’s anything we can do to help, just let us know.  Please call our office at 703-249-3625.

How Do You Reserve the Truck?

Reserving the truck is easy and on a first request basis.  Simply call our office and request the truck for the date that you need it.

Once your request is approved, you will come to our office on the date you are using the truck.  You will need to bring your drivers license and current proof of insurance with you.  We will go through our paperwork with you and then provide you with the keys.  Note: You MUST be 25 years old to drive the truck.

General Guidelines for Using the Truck

    • It is a NO SMOKING truck.
    • Mileage allowances must not be exceeded.
    • Driver is responsible for insurance.
    • For your protection and ours, insurance is required.
    • You will pick up a clean truck with a full tank of gas.  Please return the truck in the same condition.
    • Please be courteous to others using the truck.  Pick up and return the truck promptly as scheduled.
    • Operate the truck responsibly.  We will not be responsible for careless actions of the driver.
    • Any and all parking and/or traffic violations must be paid promptly and are the responsibility of the individual.
    • Use caution with the height of the truck.  It’s 10’6″, with a box length of 16′.  Be cautious of low overhead structures such as awnings, canopies, garages, power lines, etc.  Also, the turning radius is much wider.  When possible, have someone assist you when operating.
    • If there is an emergency with the truck, contact us at (703) 349-3625.
    • Return the truck to the location you picked it up from.  Be sure all lights are off, to include headlights and dome lights in the box and cab.  Lock the vehicle and return the keys to our offices

Frequently asked questions about our FREE moving truck

1.How long do we have to use the moving truck? We usually tell our clients they have 24-48 hours for use of the moving truck. If more time is needed and no one else is scheduled to use it then we will be happy to offer an extension.

2. Are there any special requirements or license’s to drive the moving truck? The only requirements are that you have a valid state driver’s license and must obtain valid insurance. 

3. What size is the moving truck? The box of the truck is 8’ wide by 16’ long which will allow you to fit many of your belongings into it. We also provide a dolly, ramp and blankets to make your move go as smooth as possible. The truck is a front wheel drive with automatic transmission; so it is easy to drive.

4. I am a member of a nonprofit organization and we need a moving truck; do we have access to this free truck? Absolutely. We often schedule for churches and nonprofit organizations to use our truck. The same rules and restrictions apply. Just give us a call to see if it is available for the date you need it.

5. I have bought and sold from Realty Brokerage Solutions in the past and we need a truck to move my daughter to college.  Can we still use the truck for FREE? Absolutely. Once again, you will have to call us to see if it is available for the date you need and verify the length of time you will be using the truck. The only cost to you would be the gas