Our marketing team exists to help you look like a star and make sure you stand out from the crowd. We offer video production, social media training, SMS campaigns and a marketing and CRM platform with a huge library of print and email material. Whether you’re a associate broker or real estate agent, we provide the resources and platforms you need to grow your business.


Video Production

Video messaging is critical to remain relevant in this rapidly changing market. Our video production team exists to help you look like a star as you brand yourself to your targeted sphere of influence. We constantly create unique videos for both consumers and real estate professionals as well as provide professional coaching and directing. We are utilizing the latest technology and have the absolute best video production team in the industry.

Marketing and CRM

In a crowded marketplace with thousands of agents all rivaling for the same audience, strong and trustworthy branding is essential for success. We are building a powerful marketing and CRM platform packed full of automated campaigns and co-brandable print and email material. Your partners and clients will be amazed at the unprecedented level of marketing and design expertise our team delivers.

Social Media Training

Leveraging social marketing is the most time efficient, cost effective way for you to brand yourself as a trusted real estate advisor. Additionally, social media is a great way to use technology to stay connected with repeat clients and attract new ones through friends simply sharing with friends. Our talented and passionate team travels the country and trains our sales staff and agent partners in mastering all their social media endeavors.

SMS Campaign

Realty Brokerage Solutions want to help it’s real estate agent’s grow their business and help them look like a star and make sure you stand out from the crowd and on of the tool provided to their agents is FREE SMS marketing. Some 80 per cent of consumers haven’t received SMS marketing messages from their favorite brands. This shows many businesses are missing out on a huge market. If someone’s a prospect or customer, chances are they’ll want to receive marketing text messages from you and you should take advantage of this. Stay in touch with an SMS campaign, shows them that they are a value to you as a customer, meaning you’re much more likely to retain them than lose them to a competitor.