Simple Fees

Straightforward & No Surprises.

Unlike other brokerage firms that share commission and have hidden fees that are directly taken from the commission our fees are straightforward and we are happy to disclose them upfront so you can make an informed decision and see the value in joining R.B.S.

At R.B.S. we are proud to be one of the most honest and straightforward brokerage firm in the country.

All Transaction

.31% ($3.10 per $1K) BPOL Tax is deducted out of all commissions. This is a tax and not an R.B.S fee.

Residential Sale Transaction:

$ 499.00 Yearly Transaction Fee (Paid by realtor once a year)

$399.00 Closing Fee (Paid by realtor)

$399.00 Admin Fee (Paid by client)

Rental Transaction:

15% or $50 (Whichever is grater) Transaction Fee (Paid by Realtor)

$39.00 Credit Report Fee (Paid by the client)

$45.00 Processing Fee Per Applicant (Paid by the client)

R.B.S Pricing – It’s Easier Than You Think.

We take time to develop an in-depth understanding of your business, so we can create highly customized financial solutions which really improve your bottom line.

Still have questions? Feel free to call us at (703) 349-3625 to speak with H.R dept.