Why I need an Agent


6 Reasons for Sellers to hire a RBS Agent

24/7 Sales
Realtors work around the clock fielding calls and chasing down leads to make a sale.  You may have just as much incentive to sell your own property as your agent does, but it doesn’t mean you have the tools, expertise or time to devote to it.  The quicker you can generate buzz around your new home on the market, the more likely you are to drive up price – so you’ll want someone rallying the momentum on a full-time basis.

Sales Presentations
John F. Kennedy once said, “Let us never negotiate out of fear.  But let us never fear to negotiate.”  Even if you have all the confidence in the world, strong negotiation skills take a long time to develop and it can be pretty challenging to stand toe-to-toe against a buyer’s agent who has mastered the art of negotiation through hundreds of hard-fought transactions.  Knowing how to motivate buy signals, reverse objections and side step tough questions takes some time in the ring.
Multiple Media
Sales agents not only use websites, magazine ads, flyers, yard signs, postcards, etc.  To market your home; they also network with other agents, get referrals, cold call and utilize various web platforms.  Marketing can be an expensive game of who you DON’T know when you’re working on your own.  Don’t underestimate the costs of marketing your home and remember that an agent with vast real estate network of marketing tools, business and personal relationships is likely going to have to spend far fewer dollars to get far greater results than you.
Prepare the Property
Realtors get heaps of first hand, raw data of the likes and dislikes of the market through constant interaction with buyers.  All that feedback can be focused to know exactly how to accentuate a property to appeal to the constantly changing tastes of the market.  Unless you have gobs of time to spend hanging around home improvement centers, interior decorators and contractors in addition to everything else you’ve got on your plate, you should strongly consider leaning on a sales agent.
We mentioned before that agents are at this 24/7.  They’re showing and analyzing several properties every single week, so no matter how great you may be with numbers, there’s a certain finesse that can only be achieved in the trenches through repetitive hand on experience.  Overtime, agents become familiar with buyer hot buttons, the fine details of a purchase contract and the subtle property features that influence market value.  More than likely, an agent will understand far more about the neighborhood’s price potential than you; not to mention it’s far easier for an outside party to create an objective value proposition than someone with emotional ties to a property where they’ve fond memories.
Troubleshoot Problems
Contracts don’t just appear out of thin air with signatures on the dotted line.  Someone has to diligently guide the flow of the paperwork and fix any issues that arise.  More than likely there will be some bumps in the road along the way to finalizing a contract and you’re better off to have someone well versed to monitor progress and address problems quickly.